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Curriculum VitŠ

NAME:    Stephen Francis Walker

DATE OF BIRTH:     November 25th, 1941


1963 - B.Sc with Honours in Psychology (2i)

(Bristol University, 1960-63)

1969 - Ph.D in Psychology

(Birkbeck College, London University, 1963-66)


Member, British Psychological Society (1970- )

Member, American Psychological Association (1968-70)

Foreign Affiliate, American Psychological Association (1970-2003 )

Member, Brain Research Association (1976-2002 )

Associate, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Princeton (1982- )


Dean, Faculty of Science, Birkbeck College, University of London (1999 - 2007)

Head, Resource Centre for Physical and Life Sciences (1996-9)

Head, Resource Centre for Life Sciences (1987-96)

Acting Head of Department (Spring Term, 1981; Autumn Term 1986-7; Summer Term, 1986-7

Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, Birkbeck College, London University (1988-2007 )

Lecturer in Psychology, Birkbeck College (1970-1988)

Departmental Tutor (1973-8 & 1986-7)

Honorary Librarian, British Psychological Society (1983-2007)

Library Officer, School of Psychology (1988-2007)

BSc Admissions Tutor, School of Psychology (1973-6, 1999-2007)

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. U.SA. (1969-70)

Research Associate, Department as above (1966-9)


Teaching experience - courses of lectures on Psychobiology II (Yr 2) Neuropsychology (final yr option); contributions to final year lecture courses, the MA in the Philosophy and Psychology of Language and the M.Sc in Cognitive Neuropsychology. Course co-ordinator and seminar group leader on first-year introductory course. First- and final year seminars; final year options, first-year statistics and laboratory courses.

Most recent teaching - 0.5 cu on Psychobiology II; lectures to first year Introductory course; lectures on final year Neuropsychology Option; 1st yr seminars (one semester).


'Species-differences in cognition: measurement and explanation' (Invited lecture, Annual Meeting of Experimental Analysis of Behaviour Group, Easter, 1984, University of Sussex)

'Animal Cognition; Method and Theory' (Colloquium, University of Hull, March 20th, 1986).

'The Evolution of Mental Models' (Colloquium, University College, November 4th, 1986).

'The Evolution of Mental Models' (Invited Lecture, Medical Research Council Cognitive Development Unit, London, December 11th, 1986).

'Processes of categorization in letter discriminations by pigeons' (Conference paper, Experimental Analysis of Behaviour Group, December 20th, 1986).

Invited discussant, Symposium on 'Primate Cognition', British Psychological Society Conference, December, 1988


Departmental Tutor (1973-8 & 1986-7)

Acting Head of Department (Spring Term, 1981; Autumn Term 1986-7; Summer Term, 1986-7)

Departmental Admissions Tutor (B.Sc Degree: 1973-6; 1999-2007)

Departmental Member, Faculty of Science B.Sc Degree Committee and Readmissions Committee (1973-87)

Departmental Representative, Academic Board (1973-5; 1978-81)

Tutor to Combined Subjects students taking Psychology (1973-87)

Deputy Chairman, Sub-board of Examiners in Psychology (1984-7)

Governor, Birkbeck College - Faculty of Science elected representative (1989-1992)

MEMBERSHIP OF COMMITTEES (College unless indicated otherwise):

BPS Joint Standing Committee with the University of London Library (1982-2007)

Committee on Technician Training (1985-7)

Sub-Committee for the Review of the Departments of Psychology and Occupational Psychology (1987)

Academic Board, (1973-8, 1987-2007)

Scientific Affairs Board/Research Board, British Psychological Society 1983-2007)

Psychology Advisory Board, Routledge (1985-1990)

Academic Board Executive Committee (1987-2007)

Buildings Committee (1987-2007)

Staffing Committee (1987-2007)

Academic Staff Promotion Review Panel, Grade A-B (1987-90)

Enterprise in Higher Education Management Committee (1989-90)

Enterprise in Higher Education Policy Steering Committee (1989-95)

University of London Library Users Committee (1989-95)

University of London Academic Advisory Board in Medicine (1989-90)

Chairman, Management Sub-Committee of the EHE Policy Steering Committee (1993-95)

Deputy Chairman, Board of Studies in Psychology (1993-94)

Member, EHE Continuation Strategy Working Group (1994-95)

Deputy Chairman, University of London Subject Panel in Psychology (1994-95)

Chairman, College Technical Review Panel (1994-96)

Chairman, University of London Subject Panel in Psychology (1995-96)

Chairman, University of London Subject Group in Psychology (1996-2007)

Member, University of London Committee for the Sir Cyril Burt and Carpenter Prizes 1999-2006

College Representative, University of London Subject Area Board A (Life Sciences) 1996-2007


University External BA/B.Sc Degree - First Examiner and Moderator for Psychology Paper 2. Fundamental Processes (1973-9)

Inter-Collegiate examiner, Psychology, University College, University of London, (1987-90)


Assistant Editor, British Journal of Psychology (1979-83).

Editor, Cognitive Neuroscience and Biological Psychology, Routledge International Library of Psychology, 1985-1990

Referee for articles in Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology A & B, British Journal of Psychology, Animal Behaviour, Brain and Behavioural Sciences, Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

Research proposals reviewed for the Medical Research Council, Science and Engineering Research Council, and Economic and Social Research Council (UK) and for the National Science Foundation (USA).

Work for the Open University - TV Programme D305/3 on Social Psychology, 1976-83, and International University Consortium cable network, USA, 1984-7.

Advisory and consultancy work - advice to publishers on academic manuscripts (Blackwells, Academic Press, Routledge, Methuens, Cassells, Lawrence Erlbaum, OUP).


1. Books

Walker, S.F. (1976) Learning and Reinforcement, London, Methuen, Essential Psychology Series, pp. 144

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1.1. Other editions of the above

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2. Articles in Refereed Journals

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4. Other Publications

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