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   ebook files are available below in one or more of the following formats—
gif Pdf files, very widely used on the web and readable in the Sony Reader, but the files are quite large. gif  epub files are much smaller. This is a more recent format, but also readable on the Sony Reader. gif  prc files are also relatively small and readable on a wide variety of PDAs. I have tested those below on a Palm TX, except for the Darwin files, which are too large to be read on Palm OS devices. Mobi/Prc files should be readable on the Amazon Kindle

Title (html)Authorpdfgoogle docsepubmobi/prc
Learning Theory and Behaviour Modification (1984:2017)         Walker, SFBuy now on Amazon  gif  Amazon
Language, Truth and Logic (1936)Ayer, AJgif download (5mb)
The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex (1882)Darwin, Charlesgif downloadviewgif downloadgif download
The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals (1899) Darwin, Charlesgif downloadviewgif downloadgif download
The Origin of Species (1860)Darwin, Charlesgif download (2mb)viewgif downloadgif download
The Voyage of the Beagle (1845)Darwin, Charlesgif download (7mb)viewgif download (6mb)gif download (6mb)
River out of Eden (1995)Dawkins, Rgif download (2mb)
The Modularity of Mind (1983)Fodor, Jgif download (8mb)
Totem and Taboo (1913/18)Freud, Sgif download (1mb)
Seeing (2010)Frisby, JP & Stone JVgif download (5mb)
The Perception of the Visual World (1950)Gibson, JJgif download
The Panda's Thumb (1980)Gould, SJgif download
It's a Wonderful Life (1989)Gould, SJgif download
The Organization of Behavior (1949)Hebb, DOgif download
A Shropshire Lad (1896)Housman, AEgif download
Principles of Behavior (1943)Hull, Clarkgif download
A Treatise of Human Nature (1739-40)Hume, Dgif download (2mb)
An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding (1748)Hume, Dgif download (1mb)
The Nature of Learning (1933)Humphrey, Ggif download
The Uniqueness of Man (1941)Huxley, Jgif download (9mb)
Principles of Psychology (1890)James, Wmgif download(5mb)
Psychology (1900)James, Wmgif download
The Origins of Consciousness (1976)Jaynes, Jgif download (3mb)
The Ape and the Child (1933)Kellogg, WN & Kellogg, LAgif download
The Mentality of Apes (1925—sample preview)Köhler, Wolfganggif download
The Problem of Serial Order in Behavior (1951)Lashley, KSgif download (6mb)
Babbitt (1922)Lewis, Sinclairgif downloadviewgifdownloadgif download
It Can't Happen Here (1935)Lewis, Sinclairgif downloadgifdownloadgif download
The plot against America (2004)Roth, Philipgif downloadgifdownloadgif download
King Solomon's Ring (1952)Lorenz, Kgif download (4mb)
Vision (1982/2010)Marr, Dgif download (5mb)
Motivation and Personality (1954)Maslow, Agif download (5mb)
Plans and the Structure of Behavior (1960)Miller, GA, Galanter, E & Pribram, Kgif download
Experimental Studies of Conflict (1944)Miller, Neilgif download
Social Learning and Imitation (1945)Miller, NE & Dollard, Jgif download
The Meaning of Meaning (1923)Ogden, CK & Richards, IAgif download (5mb)
The Hippocampus as a Cognitive Map (1978)O'Keefe, J & Nadel, Lgif download (3mb)
Conditioned Reflexes (1927)Pavlov, IPgif download (6mb)
Lectures on Conditioned Reflexes v1 (1941)Pavlov, IPgif download (5mb)
Conditioned Reflexes and Psychiatry v2 (1941)Pavlov, IPgif download (6mb)
Language and Thought in the Child (1926)Piaget, Jgif download
The Child's Conception of the World (1929)Piaget, Jgif download
The Logic of Scientific Discovery (1934/59)Popper, Kgif download (4mb)
The plot against America (2004)Roth, Philipgif downloadgifdownloadgif download
An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth (1940)Russell, Bgif download
History of Western Philosophy (1946)Russell, Bgif download (4mb)
The Concept of Mind (1949)Ryle, Ggif download (2mb)
Language (1921)Sapir, Egif download (5mb)
The Meaning of Evolution (1950)Simpson, GGgif download
The Jungle (1906)Sinclair, Uptongif downloadviewgif downloadgif download
The Behavior of Organisms (1938)Skinner, BFgif download 
The Two Cultures (1959)Snow, CPgif downloadviewgif  downloadgif download
On Growth and Form (1942)Thompson, D'AWgif download 
A Study of Instinct (Ch. 2) (1951)Tinbergen, Ngif download (2mb) 
Cognitive Maps in Rats and Men (1948) Tolman, ECgif download
The Way We Live Now (1875)Trollope, Antonygif downloadviewgif downloadgif download
Thought and Language (1934)Vygotsky, Lgif download 
E. S. PRIOR 1852-1932 (1978: text only)Walker, Lynne Bgif download(2mb)
E. S. PRIOR 1852-1932 (1978: with illustrations)Walker, Lynne Bgif download
Animal Learning (1987)Walker, SFgif downloadviewgif downloadgif download

Animal Thought (1983) Walker, SFgif downloadviewgif  downloadgif download

Learning and Reinforcement (1975)        Walker, SFgif downloadviewgif  downloadgif download
Learning Theory and Behaviour Modification (1984: 2017)         Walker, SFBuy now on Amazon  gif  Amazon
Psychology as a Behaviorist views it (1913) Watson, JBgif download
A Vision of the Brain (1993) Zeki, S